About Nichole

Owner & Therapist

The reality is that your therapy and mental health care are not about me. It is about you. 

I entered this field in order to empower and support those who struggle with finding someone in their life that will listen and truly hear them. 

It takes a tremendous amount of courage and strength to reach out to a therapist and begin to work on yourself. 

Therapy is brain maintenance and should not be neglected. 


Quick Answers

Who do you primarily work with?

I primarily work with adults who are experiencing increased anxiety, grief, burnout and Imposter Syndrome. 

I also work with professionals in helping professions who are struggling with Perfectionism and High Functioning Anxiety.

What is your therapy style?

It would probably be best to describe me as direct, supportive and flexible. Therapy with me is very goal oriented and focused. My goal is to work efficiently so you do not have to continue coming to therapy and can live presently within your life. 

What is different about your therapy approach?

As a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist I utilize a holistic approach within therapy.  I focus to truly identify the core of the situation, teach and provide you real skills and reduce the negative thinking you have been experiencing.    


A bit more...

My closest people would likely describe me as a honest and dependable person who truly believes in healing and supporting others.

When I am not in sessions or working, you will likely find me spending quality time with husband and my favorite Shepsky mascots - Lily (left) and Luna (right) . I also enjoy home projects, hiking and traveling in the mountains, fishing, and cooking at home for my loved ones. 

Although I reside in Florida, I very much consider myself a Northern Bird. I am originally from Michigan but spent a significant amount of time living in Massachusetts. 

To me, therapy is about connecting and learning new ways to manage and overcome "stuck points" that we have within our lives. If you're ready to try something new and have support while doing it, reach out. 


Nichole is the most professional, resourceful, empathetic therapist I have ever experienced in my 24 years of counseling. She has helped me gain a true understanding of who I am and how I may approach the challenging issues in my life.  The comfort level I felt with Nichole allowed me to “pull down my protective walls” and finally find the courage to address the burdensome issues that I had carried around for far too long.  I have finally found PEACE.  I am truly grateful for having Nichole  as my therapist.

Since I started working with Nichole, I have noticed a significant shift and improvement in the way I think, react and handle my anxiety on a daily basis. Nichole offers an excellent approach on how to live with and utilize anxiety in a positive way rather than dismissing it as a part of who you are.

I was introduced to Nicole at a time in my life where I was all consumed by depression & anxiety. She helped me work through my problems & taught me great coping skills. She was kind, caring & offered great advice which over time helped me move forward. I'm so thankful to have had her as my therapist. I would highly recommend her. She changed my life & I am forever grateful.

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