Caregiver Stress


The truth is, your job is rewarding but it’s tough. You expend most of your energy on your clients and at the end of the day, you’re exhausted. There’s no shame in feeling burned out— you’re human, too. Self-care doesn’t have to be for everyone else. 

You don’t just need a secure, non-judgmental space to decompress with someone you trust, you need someone who’s honest and will help you find stability with radical candor. Therapy for therapists is in limited supply, but you deserve to feel better, too. 


Caring for others is part of your identity. You often have people thank you for your work, but work always comes home with you. The bureaucracy of your profession can oftentimes leave you feeling unsupported and overworked. You are not immune from feeling pressure or anxiety. There are ways to seek comfort and support while continuing to maintain your home and work environments. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself for the sake of confidentiality. You’re dedicated to healing others, let someone else be dedicated to healing you. 


It constantly feels like you have given every ounce of energy you have and there is nothing left for you. 

You struggle with the day to day pressure of caring for someone else or for many, but you cannot remember the last time someone asked you, "How are you?"

You are at the point where you do not know how many more plates you can hold up. 

You can love, support, and take care of yourself. Be heard.  

It is not selfish to take care of yourself.

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