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Couples Counseling

Enter general information about Couples Counseling here.

Schedule a ESA Appointment 

Schedule an appointment with our scheduling tool to secure a slot. Please be sure to fill in all the fields correctly so that the proper documentation is emailed to you. Please note that all documentation is required to be completed 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. 


Attend Your ESA Session 

Your first ESA session will be approximately 55-60 minutes long and payment is required at the beginning of the session. Our therapists will ask questions surrounding your mental health history as well as assisting with identifying needs. HGW therapists individually determine if you need 1 or 2 sessions for evaluating and assessing. 


ESA Letter

If the therapist believes you do qualify for receiving an ESA letter you will be notified and will receive your letter within 24 hours via email. The therapist will also provide psychoeducation for how to use your letter and information regarding state laws under the Fair Housing Act. 


Other Services

We want to make sure your needs are met. If you decide you want to continue receiving therapy with the therapist moving forward please notify them. Or if you would like referrals and recommendations, make sure to ask the therapist providing the assessment so they can support your needs. You can also email requests to .

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