Grief & Loss 

Grief is like a fingerprint, no two are alike.

Your grief and the loss that you're experiencing is unique and deserves individualized and supportive care from therapists who are trained and certified in grief counseling and support.


Grief can feel like you're walking around with broken ribs.

No one can see the pain, but every time you breathe it hurts.


Something has been taken from you and it has been impossible to replace.

You thought that there were 7 steps and maybe you received a pamphlet on grief and loss but some things you just can't even open yet.


You wake up in the morning and you have a split second of relief before the realization floods over you that it was not a dream. You step into reality only to feel weight everywhere you go.


There are no specifications for seeking grief counseling - maybe you lost a pet, a loved one or are going through a divorce or separation.


Within therapy you will find a supportive and healing space as you journey through what this next chapter looks like. You will also be supported by therapists who have worked for Hospice and have advanced understanding, personal experience and education in death and dying.


You will never replace what you have lost, but together, we can learn how to rediscover who you are now.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Physical Exhaustion

  • Physical Pain

  • Racing Thoughts

  • Nightmares

  • Anger & Frustration

  • Lack of Motivation

  • Guilt & Shame

  • Anxiety & Worry

  • Painful Emotions

  • Feeling Empty

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  • Certified & Trained Grief Counseling

  • Emotionally Focused

  • Compassion Focused

  • Strength Based

  • Narrative Therapy