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About Joseph Durgin


Throughout my career I have worked as a licensed clinical social worker supporting individuals and families working to navigate chronic life-limiting illnesses as well as death and dying. These experiences have allowed me to sit with clients through some of their most significant decisions, transitions and preparations. It has also required me to not only understand the value of holding space for individuals and allowing them to process at their own pace, but has also provided me the privilege to support them with their mental health and make informed decisions for them and their families. 
As a clinician, I respect and value each client’s dignity and I work diligently to honor holding space with clients while working to improve and enhance their mental health. I recognize the impact of serious medical conditions and also value the rapport that I work to establish with my clients. 
It may often feel that when we are stuck and feeling hopeless that there is nowhere to turn or no one who understands where we may be coming from. But I’m here to share space with you, provide you with supportive guidance and alternative interventions to help you with improving and enhancing your mental health and overall quality of life.


Who do you primarily work with?

I enjoy supporting adults and families and have extensive experience working with older aged individuals and individuals experiencing chronic life-limiting illnesses. I also enjoy supporting both men and women who are seeking support throughout the grieving process or working to reduce anxiety, depression or stress within their lives.

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A bit more about me

When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my wife and 3 pups, going fishing, spending time with friends and enjoying the outdoors within Florida.

I am originally from New Mexico but I have lived in various states and countries throughout my adult life. I enjoy working with diverse individuals and populations and learning more about other cultures.

I look forward to supporting you within your journey and helping you to improve your mental health. 

“If you mean what you say and say what you mean,

most other things in life will come a bit easier.”

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