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About Madison

I entered this field because I have a true passion for helping others reach their goals.

We often put pressure on ourselves to always do our best for others and forget to take time for our own needs. I provide therapy with young professionals to process life's stressors and find balance where you can still succeed AND feel present, relaxed, and in control of your well-being.


My goal is to help clients attain an improved mental-well being and quality of life. I support young professionals struggling with anxiety and stress, because I believe there is an increased societal pressure for younger generations and I strive to help clients find the balance they need to navigate life’s stressors while still taking care of themselves.


Who do you primarily work with?

I primarily work with young professionals who experience unwanted symptoms of anxiety, stress, and challenging life transitions. I also enjoy working with individuals overcoming grief or struggling with the negative effects of perfectionism. 


A bit more about me

I am from originally from Tampa, FL and have worked in different settings such as hospitals, hospice care, healthcare staffing, and mental health programs.


When I am not working or supporting others through therapy, I spend my time with friends and family, gardening, walking my dog Harper, attending sporting events, traveling, and doing yoga!


I love being a resource as clients develop skills within therapy to navigate the challenges of life in a healthier way! I am also human, life is hard, and we can all benefit from the support of therapy at times

“There are no failures–just experiences and your reactions to them.”

Tom Krause

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